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Anal Tails


Have you ever heard that human being used to have a tail in the old times? Imagine having a tail! Is it not sexy? You may like to try having one and see if it is teasing for your lover. Anal tail is an anal plug with an extra tail-shape extension attached to it. The plug comes in different shapes and girths to match your anal size. The tail part also comes in different shapes and colors to tease your partner. Your partner also feels the inner part of the plug while penetration, an added pleasure for you and your lover. Anal tails are very popular among couples who have been together for a good amount of time. If you are bored with traditional routine intercourse and you would like to spice up your sex life, anal tail is a good start. Our diverse collection of anal plugs and anal tails consists of many different shapes and colors. You have different choices from a little bunny tail to a long mink tail.