Have an Unforgettable Night with These Wild Bachelorette Party Ideas

Have an Unforgettable Night with These Wild Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you’re a maid of honor, you have numerous duties to the bride-to-be. You will be there to help her choose her dress and decorate her wedding venue; you’ll support her if she gets nervous and reminisce with her about her single days. You’ll sign the register when the knot is finally tied, legally witnessing her and her partner’s union. But perhaps the most daunting—and fun—task you might perform for the bride-to-be is planning her bachelorette party. Throwing a party is a big task on any occasion, but someone’s send-off from singlehood needs to be extra special, tailored to her specific taste and fun for everyone invited. Well, good news for you: there are thousands of wild bachelorette party ideas floating around out there. Simply Googling “bachelorette party” will display you an overwhelming wealth of ideas and products you might use for your party, so to simplify matters for you a bit, we’ve taken some of the best suggestions and condensed them into this blog post. Read on for our favorite bachelorette party ideas.

bachelorette party ideas

Here or There?

The first decision to make about a bachelorette party concerns its location. Will you have it in someone’s home, or have a night on the town, or a combination of both? Your answer will change what you need to do to prepare for the party.

Staying In

If the bachelorette party you’re planning will be entirely or partly in someone’s home, then you have a big task ahead of you. Nightclubs, bars, and restaurants supply much of a party’s fun, but if you’re playing hostess, then the burden of fun-making will fall primarily on your shoulders. The great part about hosting a party yourself is that it can be about as wild as you can make it, with much less of the risk one must mitigate when making one’s debauchery public. In your home, it is much easier to keep track of your guests and take care of them, and there is much less chance of someone drunkenly stumbling into a dangerous situation. (However, do be kind to your neighbors and warn them that things might get loud on the night of the party.)

wild bachelorette party ideas

What’s more, you can decorate your home however you wish. Some rarefied establishments might object to the giant, penis-shaped centerpiece standing proudly in the middle of their dining room, but in your own home? Run a flag up that sucker if you want.

But we haven’t yet answered just what you will do for your at-home bachelorette party. Good music, food, alcohol, and a suitably wide expanse of floor for dancing are no-brainers, but more than those basic considerations are needed to make your party extraordinary. Luckily for you, you don’t have to look hard to find oodles of bachelorette party supplies. Every respectable adult shop has tonnes of choices to spice things up. Since we’re talking about bachelorette parties, then yes, there are penises involved. Penis hats, penis drinking straws, penis suckers, penis whistles … anything even vaguely longer than wide has been transformed into a penis at one time or another. Standard, non-adult-oriented party stores will have non-penis-shaped items if for some reason you don’t want a penis piñata at your party. (Note to self: register peñisata immediately.)

For entertainment, plan lots of bachelorette party games. Don’t just assume that “truth or dare” and “never have I ever” will keep the fun going, or your party will end up like those cringy, teenaged slumber parties we would all rather forget. With a supply of games ready to go, it’ll be easy to keep the party going. Every time there’s a lull in the festivities, bring the next game out, and pretty soon everyone is clamoring for a chance to play Strap-on Ring Toss. Or Pin the Macho on the Man. Or the Cum Face Duel Pump Action Penis Game. Buy a few dirty coloring books for your more introspective and artistic guests, and you’re all set.

You’ll want to decorate your home as well. Naturally, this continues the trend of penis-shaped miscellanea, with improbably large centerpieces and naughty party banners. I recommend the dirty balloons because you’ll always get a guaranteed laugh by joking about how much fun it is to blow them. If you like to bake, then a penis-shaped cake pan will help you provide an eye-catching, crème-filled conversation starter.

Penis jokes aside, it is your duty as hostess to ensure that everyone at your party is safe. Dedicate a room or two of your home as a quiet space so people can step away from the wildness if they need to. And when the party is winding down, be ready to call your local taxi company or order an Uber for your guests. Designated drivers are wonderful people, and they should know they are wonderful people, so be sure to give them your heartfelt thanks. Finally, be prepared for someone to crash at your home. They’ll appreciate a place to sleep undisturbed, and a Tylenol and a cup of black coffee will help them recover from what will no doubt be a monstrous hangover.

But the end of the party can be fun, too. Party favors will give your guests something to remember the party by (even if their own memories of the event are rather hazy). The phallus motif is quite evident here, too, with dick-print gift bags holding penis drinking straws and wang-shaped lollipops (life-sized!). But if you want more permanent mementos of your night, consider ordering custom-made bachelorette party plates or sashes (more about this last item in the next section).

Going Out

Painting the town red is a great option if you don’t want to subject your home to a riotous and potentially destructive party. The clubs and bars and other venues you visit will supply most of the fun for your troop, so there’s less pressure on you in that regard. But you’re still playing party leader, so you still have a job to do; mostly, this is keeping everyone safe. Make sure everyone knows where you plan on bringing the party, and make sure everyone knows how to get in touch with you should she be separated from the group. Everyone should have a plan on how to get home when the night is over. And having a few sober-minded friends in your party to keep an eye on your wilder companions is a great idea.

Be respectful of the places you visit and their other patrons. Not every venue will appreciate it if you decorate their walls with bits of male anatomy. Have at least a general idea as to what’s acceptable in the places you visit. Making reservations is a good way to prepare the venue for your coming, and it’s even better if you can get a private room.

If you’ll be hitting up the town on a bachelorette party, you obviously won’t decorate your home, but you can decorate yourselves. Show the other nightclubs that a bachelorette party is in full swing, and well-wishing and free drinks might just flow your way.

bachelorette party games

Bachelorette party sashes are popular items to show off your party spirit. You can get these online or in-store in so many styles that something is guaranteed to suit your party. They range from classy and understated to downright pornographic. If you plan on hitting up your local nightlife, glow-in-the-dark sashes are great fun on the dance floor, and they’ll help you keep your eyes on the one girl who’s had a bit much and wandered off. If you’re a fine hand with a needle and thread, consider making the bride a sash yourself, which will surely be a memorable keepsake for years to come.

Bachelorette party veils are another great way of showing off that you’re the girls about town. You can buy cheap plain veils from any costume store, but I find that the veils decorated with light-up peckers add a certain je ne sais quoi to a bride’s glowing beauty. Just make sure everyone understands that the glowing penises do not reflect the actual size of the groom’s virile member.

One last suggestion: earlier this summer, I saw a riotous bachelorette party drift through my city’s downtown where each member had a custom-made facemask. If COVID is still a worry when you have your bachelorette party, then this is a great way to keep your party safe as you hop from place to place.

Limitless Bachelorette Party Ideas

All the above are just suggestions: you know better than we do what the bride-to-be wants in a bachelorette party. What’s great is that you don’t have to do it alone. Any reputable adult toy store will help you plan your party, ensuring a wild and fun time. Don’t be shy; get in touch with your favorite adult shop and tell them what you need, and they’ll be happy to assist you.

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